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Frequently Asked Questions

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Was Cuba controlled by the US?

The US military controlled Cuba at the end of the Spanish-American War in 1898 until Cuba was granted independence in 1902. Subsequently, the US government maintained influence over Cuba’s politicians through the Platt Amendment, a law passed in the US and adopted in the Cuban constitution providing the US final word on Cuban diplomacy, trade and politics. The Platt Amendment was repealed in the 1940 constitution, however the US continued to manipulate Cuban politicians until the Revolution of 1959, led by Fidel Castro. Presently the US controls land in Cuba around Guantanamo Bay due to a 1903 treaty which granted the US land for a naval base and coal operations.

Is Cuba a free country?

Yes, Cuba is a free country.

Is Cuba a beautiful country?

Cuba is indeed a beautiful country. It is the biggest island in the Caribbean with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A rich and diverse architecture, and beautiful unique landscapes like Viñales Valley and Maestra Mountain Range.

Is Cuba still US territory?

No, Cuba is a sovereign country. However, right after the Spanish-American War, the US military occupied and controlled the island until May 19, 1902 when Cuba was granted independence.

What is the current relationship between Cuba and the US?

Currently, the relationships between both nations remain fragile, with embassies of both countries operating at minimum capacity. However, the Biden administration has eased some of the hardest restrictions imposed to Cuba by his predecessor Donald Trump, specifically on the matters of remittances, travel regulations and immigration.

Is the US allied with Cuba?

Cuba and the US are not allies, in fact, often harsh statements are voiced in international scenarios like UN forums. The opposite ideologies in regard to human rights and democracy are the topics that cause most discrepancies.

What are the best cities to visit in Cuba?

Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Matanzas, Varadero Beach and Trinidad are the most visited destinations in the country. They are all unique places where Cuban culture can be experienced and perceived differently. If traveling to Cuba and planning to visit different cities, make sure to have enough time to explore each place in depth.

What are the best things to do in Cuba?

Excursions around the historical towns in cities like Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Camaguey and Trinidad are among the best things to do in the country. Visitors have beautiful nature landscapes to explore like Vinales Valley in Pinar del Rio, El Nicho Nature Reserve, Collantes Nature Reserve in Sancti Spiritus, Canasi Nature Reserve in Mayabeque and Maestra Mountain Range in Santiago de Cuba. Caribbean warm waters surround the island that is known for long stretches of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Among the most famous visitors can choose between Havana’s East Beaches, Varadero beach in Matanzas, Ankon Beach in Trinidad and Guardalavaca Beach in Holguin.

Rides on Classic American Cars are a must do in Cuba. Also, travelers should ensure experiencing live shows and performances in cities like Havana and Santiago de Cuba with vibrant and diverse cultural scenes. With the opening of the economy and the implementations of laws that ensure protections over private property and privately owned business, entrepreneurs are transforming and diversifying the tourism industry in Cuba for the better and for the benefit of Cuban individuals. New bars and restaurants offer incredible services with a great range of style for all ages and tastes.

What are some things to avoid doing in Cuba?

When visiting Cuba, travelers should avoid talking about politics, particularly with strangers. Do not wear clothing with provocative, political or sexually suggestive messaging. Do not solicit or inquire about any illegal drugs, including marihuana as well as prostitution or pornography; they are all illegal and can get you in trouble and even affect your ability to enter the country again. Also, avoid eating or drinking from vendors in the street.

What are some good dishes to try in Cuba?

“Ropa Vieja” is probably one of Cuba’s most famous dishes, traditionally made of beef, consisting of shredded meat cooked with traditional spices like cumin and oregano, but the distinctive aspect of this dish are the green olives. Ropa Vieja can be found in many restaurants with lamb meat as well. Fresh seafood is ubiquitous around the island and it is recommended to visitors, crudos, ceviche’s, lobster and sea fish are a must try, especially restaurants that specialize in seafood.

What is the most popular dessert in Cuba?

Flan and tres leches are the most popular desserts in Cuba, however, coffee is often chosen to

What are the five largest cities in Cuba?

Based on population, the biggest cities in Cuba are Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, Holguin and Santa Clara.

Is Cuba a rich or poor country?

Cuba is a poor country with a fragile infrastructure, issues have not improved because of the financial and trade blockade that the US Department of Treasury maintains against Cuba, preventing the government from accessing international markets and funds.

What is the best time of year to visit Cuba?

Visiting Cuba from December to March avoids hurricane season when you will experience mostly sunny days with the temperature oscillating between 68 and 78 degrees.

What are some of the hidden gems in Cuba?

Cuba has several hidden gems, places that are not as mainstream or known worldwide. El Nicho Natural Reserve in Cienfuegos province is a gorgeous place of spring waterfalls that drip over the river rock surrounded by evergreen tropical vegetation, with natural pools where people can swim. There are other two natural reserves that we like to include among hidden gems: Canasi. east of Havana and Topes de Collantes in Sancti Spiritus. Both places offer great hiking opportunities for its adventurous trailers where local flora and fauna can be closely appreciated, Canasi coast area is often a destination for snorkeling and scuba diving and Tope de Collantes is on the Escambray Mountain Range for hikers looking for a more intense experience.

Among cities, probably the most underrated cities in Cuba are Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, both with rich histories and architecture, with lots of sightseeing opportunities. It is important to mention that St. Iphigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba is where most war generals of the Spanish War and the Revolutionary War are buried, including Fidel Castro and Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti.

What is the US policy toward Cuba?

Although the Biden Administration has eased restrictions regarding immigration, remittances and travel, the US Department of Treasury maintains tight restrictions known as US embargo, that prohibits any US or International financial institutions that have trade agreements with any US Company to trade or finance any business with the Cuban Government and its companies. US citizens can travel to Cuba under Group travel Category for people-to-people experience under the sponsorship of an American Company.